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25G - RJ45 Standard in structured building cabling with future

With a performance of 10GBE Class EA / Cat. 6A has been established for approximately 20 years in the field of „structured building cabling“.

For about 15 years 10GBASE-T is standardised with RJ45 Jacks Cat. 6A 10GBE, data cable Cat. 7 600 MHz and RJ45 patch cords Cat. 6A 500 MHz. Further systems of class FA / Cat. 7A has been installed. Here the components jacks Terra™, ARJ45™ und GG45™, data cable Cat. 7A 1000 – 15000 MHz and RJ45 patch cords Cat. 6A 500 MHz are used.

So what is the motivation for 25GBASE-T systems?

The Multi-Gigabit Ethernet has been developped and standardised for Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6-Access Points with high speed as well as for IoT devices (IEEE 802.3bt). Herewith a high performance and PoE support has been realised for the existed structured cabling Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A. At the moment the new Wi-Fi standard 7 will be prepared in IEEE 802.

Important facts for a copper solution are backward compatibility, Power over Ethernet (4PPoE with 60-90W) as well as the announcement of Wi-Fi 7 devices in 2024.

How can this system be realised?

We as ZVK GmbH with our own-brand EasyLan® also had to deal with this issue and after a lot of development, constructions and prototype manufacturing we also expand our product range by a new keystone which is correlates with all requierements:

EasyLan® fixLink® Pro+ RJ45 Keystone 25G / 40G ISO/IEC

  • GHMT certified to ISO/IEC 11801-1 / 2 Connector Channel 30m, Class I up to 2 GHz
  • GHMT certified t DTR-11801-9905 for 25GBASE-T Channel-Link up to 50m

Our keystone is completely downwards compatible to class EA according to ISO/IEC 11801 and DIN EN 50173-1 (permanent link up to 90m and channel link up to 100m). The Remote Powering (PoE, PoE+, UPoE, 4PPoE) also is given. The fixLink® Pro+ is made up of a robust zinc die cast housing with a 360° - shielding and an integrated dust cover which goes automatically inside when connecting your patch cord.

Connection and confection occure without any secial tooling. Installation cable (AWG 26/1 – 22/1) as well as flex cable (AWG 26/7 – 22/7) can be assembled with the same jack and wire manager.

One System for 10GBE / 25GBE / 40GBE – consists of:

  • EasyLan® fixLink® Pro+ RJ45 Keystone 10 G / 25 G / 40 G
  • EasyLan® Data cable Platin S/FTP AWG22/1 2000 MHz Cat. 8 Dca
  • EasyLan® FlexBoot Patch Cord Cat. 8.1 shielded

Right now only WireXpert 4500 from Softing ist approved for acceptance inspections.

Download GHMT certificate 2 Connector Channel (30m), Copper, Class I up to 2GHz

Download GHMT certificate 2 Connector Channel (50m), Copper, Class I up to 2GHz

Never stop the future…

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