Metal and Plastics Technology

Metal and Plastics Technology

We have been manufacturing plastic and metal products (sheet metal parts, zink die casting and all standard thermosets) for network technology for nearly 20 years.

Depending on the application, our sheet metal products are manufactured using a laser, complete blanking die or punch press process. Surface fnishing via electroplating or powder coating guarantees long service life and optimum mechanical properies. Labeling can be custumized according to your specifications with the help of industrial screen printing technology.

All metall components are designed and manufactured on company premises, giving us the ability to quickly respond to your requests.

All plastic parts are manufactured in our in-house injection molding facilities as well. We assemble different products into a unified system, regardless of whether the final product is made of metal or plastic, or whether it is transparent, movable or affixed.

Our range of services includes:

- Distribution boxes and patch panels for FO and Cu
- Surface-mounted/flush-mounted data outlets
- Distribution racks
- Wall boxes
- Small housings
- Customized solutions