Quality philosophy

Quality philosophy

The ZVK quality philosophy is the foundation for our quality approach and our actions and it includes the following points:

• Quality management system
• Satisfied customers, motivated employees
• Innovative technology
• Qualified dealers and suppliers
• Environmental responsibility
• Social responsibility and Compliance Management

1. Quality management system

ZVK GmbH has implemented a DIN ISO 9001:2008-compliant quality system as a quality policy, which is binding and mandatory for all employees, and it adheres to this system with all its employees.
Our management ensures continuous improvement of our processes and sequences, and makes sure that all employees identify with our quality policy. The quality management documents in their totality encompass all the processing steps from quotation, order processing to product shipment. In this way it is clear that each employee in the individual processing levels is contributing to the quality of our processes and in this sense is responsible for the results of our work. We continuously monitor our quality and measurement tests, conducted during and at the end of production, thereby ensuring our consistently high level of quality.

2. Satisfied customers, motivated employees

Our goal in all our actions is to provide our customers modern and reliable quality products at competitive prices.
We deliver products and services that consistently meet the stated requirements, specifications and wishes of our customers, thereby securing and improving our market position.
In ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, the quality of our products and services is the main priority.
The company places great value on satisfied and motivated employees and it enables them to meet rising expectations by means of regular trainings. By implementing modern production technologies and methods, we offer our employees a work environment where they can meet these requirements.

3. Innovative technology

The ZVK team stands for innovative developments in copper and fiber optic technology, modern flexible production methods and products that are exclusively manufactured in Europe. Our mature and modular network technologies provide a system that allows for sophisticated and secure data transmission, from data centers to individual connection of IT devices. Through advanced education and training, we make sure our employees have the most current, innovative technical knowledge. The expertise and commitment of all our employees also ensures that our customers trust us with tasks through the entire process from planning to product delivery.

4. Qualified dealers and suppliers

In meeting the requirements of our customers, our company maintains a close parnership with dealers and suppliers, which also incudes environmental policy, cost reduction and quality assurance. Because they are part of our quality policy, they also contribute to our company success.

5. Environmental responsibility

The environment is our most precious asset, and protecting it is a critical task for the future. With the introduction of the ISO 14001, ZVK has committed to the implementation of an ecologically sound process and it is of course making important contributions in the beautification and preservation of our resources.

6. Social responsibility and Compliance Management

ZVK GmbH stands for values such as transparency, personal responsibility and justice. Integrity is viewed as a precondition for collaborative work and trusting partnership and it is practiced accordingly. We are committed to adhering to legal and ethical standards in our actions at all times.
The company guarantees compliance with legal requirements, fair competition, compliance with human and worker rights as well as environmental and health protection as a basis for protecting our company´s long-term success. Management contractually obligates all employees to comply with the ZVK-internal Code of Conduct and it consistently monitors for compliance. In training sessions targeted to specific target group , our employees are made aware o business risks and possible legal violations. Our compliance program includes measures for identification and clarification of compliance violations. We are committed to social responsibility  and we support social services as well as place orders with sheltered workshops.