Made in European Union


Ecological footprint

The aim of our company is to minimize the ecological footprint and thereby lower the company's own CO2-balance. In order to achieve this goal the following subject areas have already been implemented.

Packaging design

Paper tape

Instead of a plastic tape we use a fiber-glass reincored tape.

Paper bags

Instead of a plastic bag our wiremanager will be packed in paper bags.

Space-saving packaging

There are for nearly every products several packaging and overpack to exhaust available ressources concerning our forwarding agents.

Transport distance

Thanks to our short transport distances we can not only guarantee fast delivery from our factory to our warehouse but also reduce our greenhouse gas balance.

Reduce, Re-use & Recycle

Primarily reduce and re-use. If there aren't any alternatives we are looking for recycling possibilities. In erster Linie reduzieren und wiederverwenden. Whether packaging materials from suppliers and electrical appliance disposal.