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Social Responsibility

As a part of our global business activities, we are committed to our social responsibility (usually referred to internationally as „CSR 1“).

Our in-house ZVK Code of Conduct on social responsibility (CoC) contains a guideline that in particular sets forth what this entails for the following areas.

ZVK Code of Conduct

Working conditions

Social and environmental sustainability


Trustful cooperation


The signed ZVK COC on our social responsibility will soon be available for download here.

ZVEI Code of Conduct

In addition, for many years ZVK has been committed to the "ZVEI Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility".

ZVEI is the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. The content of this CoC has been developed and coordinated with ZVEI member companies. The CoC is an expression of the ZVEI's common values, as defined in the vision and mission of the ZVEI and in particular as they are outlined in the commitment to the social market economy.

Download the acknowledgement of the ZVEI CoC:

Furthermore, ZVK strives to implement the guidelines of ISO 26000 - Corporate Social Responsibility.

These guidelines extend to 7 key areas

Organizational leadership

Human rights

Labor practices

The environment

Fair business practices

Consumer affairs

The integration and development of society/public engagement